• Signups: Sign as Available before the day of the raid if you will definitely be there, Tentative if you might not make it. If you change within the three hours before the raid you may be penalised (by not receiving the Early Bonus or receiving a No Show penalty).
  • Penalties: There are penalties for being late or not showing up when you have signed up as available (please see below), since kinnies were counting on you and it delays raid start and requires finding substitutes.
  • Rewards: Persistent raiding under a DKP system comes with quite nice rewards; although not guaranteed, the core raiding team consistently acquires the nicest end-game rewards early.  You must earn DKP on a raid night before the one in which you spend it.   DKP and bidding is explained in detail below.  Please check the DKP tab above to understand what you have available to spend.

DKP Rules

1. Points Awarded

Early - Anyone who is ready in the group 15 minutes before the raid begins will be award 10 DKP, providing they [u]complete[/u] the raid fully. If someone is doing another instance, crafting, getting last minute items or doing quests they may not be eligible for this bonus. This is intended to ensure that the raid begins on time.

Ready means just that, 100% ready to go, on the right character, logged on to Raidcall.

Note: To be eligible for the early bonus you must also have signed up to the raid in advance on the website. You must be listed as Available, not Tenative or Unavailable. Available carries the potential of a penalty if late, whereas the others carry neither a bonus nor a penalty.

Rift, Helgrod, WatcherDN, Draigoch, ToO:  No DKP

BG (level 85):

First boss = 10 DKP (Tier 2: 20 DKP)

Second boss = 20 DKP (Tier 2: 30 DKP)

Third boss = 30 DKP (Tier 2: 40 DKP)

Please note--if you attend the raid and complete two bosses, you will receive 10 points for the first boss completed and 20 for the second, no matter which bosses.  If you attend primarily for the completion of one boss, you will receive 10 points for that boss, no matter which boss it is.

Raid Skirmishes (85)

Each Skirmish = 10 DKP

Raid Night Completion (as many raid skirmishes as we can do in the alloted time) = 20 DKP

Half Raid Night Completion (10 DKP) will be awarded if a member has attended for at least half the night.

2. Penalties

No show - This is penalised on a gradual basis. The first no show is a deduction of 30 DKP. The second is a deduction of 40 DKP. A third and any subsequent is a deduction of 50 DKP. If 24 hours notice is given about pulling out from the raid then this penalty does not apply. If 3+ hours notice is given the penalty is reduced to 10 DKP. A last minute notice (between 3 hours and start of raid time) results in a penalty of 20 DKP.

Late - This is penalised on the basis of how late someone is. 5 minutes late is allowed, although see the [u]Early[/u] rule for what you're missing out on. Between 5-15 minutes late is a deduction of 10 DKP. Between 15-30 minutes late is a deduction of 20 DKP. 30-60 minutes late is a deduction of 30 DKP. Anything above 1 hour is considered a [u]No Show[/u].

Looting Chests - Only the Leader of a raid may loot a chest, as they need to use Master Looter to properly assign items based on DKP. Opening a chest when you are not the Leader will result in an immediate loss of 10 DKP. If the chest is opened while the loot rule is set to Roll/Pass, resulting in a problematic assignment of gear, the penalty is 50 DKP + the amount relevant to the gear in question. In such a case all members must [u]Pass[/u] on items and only accept items from the chest later if they spend their DKP.

Abusive Behaviour - Any form of abusive behaviour, inside or outside a raid and inside or outside the kin, may result in the loss of some or all DKP, at the discretion of the Kin Leader and Officers. Such decisions must be voted on by the Officers. Other penalties, such as demotion or expulsion, may also apply in extreme cases.

Please note: Penalties are taken off your total earned, they do not show up as spent. For example, if you look at the chart on Monday and it shows you have

Earned 500 Spent 40 Total 460

and on Wednesday you get a penalty for say 50 DKP for not showing up for the third time, if you then look at the chart it will now look like

Earned 450 ; Spent 40 Total 410

3. Spending Points

To spend points an auction system will be employed publicly in the raid channel. For example, Person A offers 50 DKP for an item. Person B offers 60 and wins it, because no one else has anything higher.

You can continue to bid until you no longer have enough DKP to make a higher bid. For example, Person B makes a new offer of 70 DKP, the full amount of DKP he/she has, but is outbid again by Person B for 80 DKP. 

If you lose a bid you do not lose your DKP. DKP is only deducted when a bid is won and an item is awarded.

You may only make offers in multiples of 10 and only above the initial cost of an item. For example, an item costs 50 DKP and person A offers 50 DKP, so person B must offer 60 DKP to outbid.

Every item has a set value, but individuals may spend more DKP on that item if desired, allowing others to win something the next time. 

In the case of an individual bidding the exact amount someone else has, the other person may match their bid, and if they are not outbid the two matched bidders can /roll, with the winner spending his/her DKP (the loser does not spend anything).

Note: You cannot spend points earned in a current raid. Only points earned previously can be spent. For example, on Monday's raid you might earn 50 DKP, but you cannot spend that until Wednesday, and you cannot spend Wednesday's earnings on the day either.

Item values are currently as follows (and will change over time):

Rift, Helegrod, DN, Watcher, BG [not scaled], OD, ToO

(Can bid or roll on housing items)

Raid Skirmishes

Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor = 50 DKP
Rare Drops = 50 DKP (bid or roll)


Housing Item = 50 DKP
Cloak Scales (3) = 50 DKP

Tower of Orthanc

Cloak Clasp = 100 DKP


Nanu's Hiding Place = 50 DKP (Only on complete kin runs, bid or roll)

Other items will be added over time.

No Spend - This rule applies for when no one wants to spend DKP for an item (only in DKP raids). At such a point everyone eligible for the item may /roll for it. The winner will be deducted a nominal amount of 10 DKP instead of its full price.

No One Has Enough DKP - If no one has enough DKP, as will be the case for initial raids, everyone will /roll and the winner will be deducted the full amount, resulting in a minus number. Anyone with a minus number may not attempt to buy or /roll on another item until they have the minimum required points again, unless everyone has decided on a No Spend.

Finally, DKP will be carried over to other raids.

DKP is reset at each expansion launch, with 30% carried over, up to a maximum of 200 DKP.

Updated: 08/12/12


Dear Keepers,

After some extensive discussion with the officers, we have decided to amend the raid rules to include and highlight the following.

1. Kin members will be prioritized in raids over non-kinnies whenever possible. The only time when this would not be the case is when we are missing very specific roles in the group, such as a healer or tank, and must rely on people outside the kin to fill these roles. Every effort will be made to involve kin members over non-kinnies, however.

2. To raid members must meet the following requirements: a) their PC must be sufficient to play without lag at the lowest settings; b) their internet connection must be up most of the time and reliable; c) they must have and use ventrilo, including voice chat. Frequent lag, disconnects and the inability to hear the raiding team and communicate by voice creates an untenable situation for raiding and won't be permitted. Prospective raiders must address these concerns before joining us for raids.

3. Less experienced players are encouraged to do three and six-mans before attempting raids, particularly in essential roles like healer and tank. It is then recommended that easier raids be attempted next in a gradual build up to the more difficult ones. This is to improve skills and ensure a pleasant raiding experience for all involved. Additional raids for less experienced kinnies will be arranged to accommodate this.

4. Raiders are strongly encouraged to roll and level an alt. This will help the raiding team ensure there is a good balance of classes and more likely guarantee a spot for a member who can switch to fill a desired role. However, it's important that members pick a class that differs to their current role. For example, a guard should not roll a warden, as it duplicates their existing role. A dps or support class would be more useful in that case.




With remote looting applying to instances, kinmembers may win a Symbol or Crystal in a raid, but these are not to be considered personal property, as DKP will apply to them. Failure to hand over such items for distribution via the DKP system may result in significant DKP penalties or other disciplinary action (up to and including expulsion from the kin).

Updated: 19 December 2012